i am a cynical sarcastic sob.  i can't help that.  nature's law i guess.  but that's the way i am, take it or leave it.  you will get one thing from me- the truth.  as George Carlin said, "I don't like euphamisms, or euphamistic language".  You donít bull**** me, I wonít bull**** you.  unlike that arrogant blowhard, bill o'riley, this is a no spin zone.  also like radio sportstalk host Jim Rome says "Those that deserve props will get props and those that deserve to get run will get run."

i am a big fan of the University of Louisville Cardinals.  the best independent fansite bar-none is InsideTheVille.comthe message boards are top notch and, best of all, they are free (the Le$seR boards should take not of this).

i also am a huge auto racing fan.  when i say auto racing, i don't mean the tintop nayscor series or the illegitimate "racing" leauge (and btw, what serious, self respecting organization calls itself a "leauge"?).  there is only one real racing series.  Real Racing.  Real Sport.  and real racing series has to have a great message board.  there is.  Seventhgear.com may as well be the official message board of the CCWS.

hockey is something that gets little pub and attention, especially in the south.  memo to all southerners:  real athletes do not wear facemasks.  they also don't play professional basketball.  football is boring.  one group plays offense and another group on the same team plays defense.  wassupwidatand in pro basketball, the players don't play hard all the time.  you cannot convince me that they do.  the nba is nothing more than professional organized streetballhockey players play hard all the time.  they also will knock people into glass boards for a beaten up 111 year old piece silver cup.  you want dedication, there it is.  and the best gosh darn hockey team in the world- the Colorado Avalanche.  (fans of the detroit red wings click here)