These pages will hold all of the English material that I have created during the spring semester of 2003 (it will also be the only page that will be mechanically correct.  Don’t expect any other pages to have any capitals on them). Descriptions from the class website.



Project 1Description
Write an essay in which you examine the impact a media outlet has on a particular demographic group.  Consider how the media company’s capitalist objectives have affected this demographic group as suggested in The Communist Manifesto.  Explore how this media outlet maintains its grip on the demographic group and keeps them from advancing to a higher social class.


Project 2Description
Select a mediated segment and examine the assumptions guiding its presentation. By investigating the visual imagery, you should determine the motive that a media company has behind the images.  In other words, why did the media outlet pick these images?

Project 3-  Description
Project 3 contains the annotations of the sources you plan on using for the paper itself (Project 4).  Each annotation in the Annotated Bibliography should be 150 words long.  The Annotated Bibliography should also include a thesis statement and a paragraph summary of the Research Paper.

Project 4-  Description
Examine a third media outlet or commercialized segment in the context of a social issue.   Essentially, you will analyze its behavior in the context of that particular social issue and support your claims with authoritative research.  Since the audience is the everyday consumer who uses this media outlet regularly, you should create a fair argument by supporting your claims with the reliable evidence you have found in your research.  With this paper, you are basically arguing a specific position about this media outlet's dealings related to this social issue.

Any other stuff

Final online portfolio


Cover Letter

Projects 1-4

2 Journal Essays

2 Response Papers

3 Discussion Board Postings

3 Free Writes



Select one of the authors we’ve read this semester as the "reader" of your online Portfolio.  (Refer to the Course Calendar for authors we’ve read.)


Description of Portfolio

The cover letter is one of the most important pieces in your portfolio since it is the first thing your audience will read. You will select one author that we've read this semester and write an argument to him or her concerning information literacy and the media Panopticon. Your cover letter should persuade the author to consider your position and should also draw a conclusion regarding these claims. Since you're writing to a specific author, try to be objective, yet convincing in your argument. The pieces you select for your portfolio should support your argument/position. The cover letter may be of any length.

Again, the cover letter is the entry point to all your selected essays. Use various links - by highlighting key phrases - within the cover letter and the entire portfolio to connect to (revised) projects, critiques, DBs, and free writes that will support your argument to this author.



The portfolio must conform to the MLA-style documentation format that we have used this semester. For example, your critiques must have appropriate parenthetical documentation and you should also make sure that all works cited (including those in journals, responses, DBs, and free writes) are listed on your Bibliography page

Online portfolio "architecture"

You will use the cover letter as the gateway for your hypertext essays. It should appear on your English 102 page.  Use various links within the cover letter to connect to a few (revised) assignments, free writes, DBs, journal essays, response papers, annotations and projects that highlight the general theme of your portfolio.