remember when i said hate mail summarily deleted?i changed my mind.some of it is too funny not to delete.this e-mail is being printed verbatim, my e-mail address is the only thing different:


Subj: Loser

Date: 4/8/2003 2:02:01 PM Eastern Standard Time




Nice website, faggot! My guess is that you some loser nobody who spends all of his time in his parents basement jerking off and spewing all over himself!! You might be the biggest loser of all time!! LMAO!!!


some background info.i am assuming that this guy is either a fan of the detroit DEAD wings, minnesota wild or the vancouver canucks.why do i assume this?i am a member of a colorado avalanche message board.apparently i need to change that e-mail address because itís my main one, but iím guessing that this guyís handle was AvsrNumber2.we had a pretty heated exchange about how the mod was allowing personal attacks on this idiot only in that thread and he didnít take to it to well.too bad.slamming the avalanche on an avalanche fan board?not very smart.just as a message to anyone out there who comes on my site to personally slam my team, be aware that i give back what you take and then some.say something about my team and i beat you down with facts and then challenge you to do the same.


and to you fullofBSLarson, i am a college student on campus with friends who has better things to do other than you on the other hand, i wonder about you.get an education, stop acting like a baby and talk intelligently.i have much better things to do than talk with idiots.