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these are some of my favorite places to visit.


sports sites

Colorado Avalanche

related links

Avalanche board  <-- added bonus, i mod here (ctkatz).  come by.  say hey.

Red Wings Suck!


related links

seventhgear.com <-- (1996-2004 died suddenly without notice to the regulars. oh well)


dolan racing <-- started by an ex trackforum member who finally saw the light


ICR2 Forum

Chicago Cubs

University of Louisville

related inks

Inside the 'Ville

Jim Rome

The company that brings you the best in browsing

stuff around town




related links

84 Online

Terry Meiners

John Ziegler (2002-2003 fired from WHAS. new host has caused more bad pr in a month than zig caused. new host also has influenced uofl policy something zig never did. hope the talking heads enjoy their lower morning drive ratings)

internet radio stations i listen to (you need a media player like winamp to listen to these stations)

Starbase 479 (home)

Beethoven Radio (home)

Radiostorm.com Hardrock (home)

Radio 720 WGN Chicago (home)

Newstalk 890 WLS Chicago (home)


other stuff

Dan Belcher’s Blogspot - word of warning: i am more prolithic in my writings than dan was. and i started after he did.

dan belcher's website - dan sucks at blogging. his blog died a looong time ago. so here's his webpage that will be inactive after the fall semester. ;)

the founding fathers on the country being founded with christian beliefs - i love this site. it debunks the theory that this is a christian nation. puleeze.