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4 november 2004 - post election aftermath

(this was a post made in the political thread at insidetheville.com's cardinal sanctuary forum reguarding the election that had taken place 2 days previous. there is no link to the thread because 1. the moderators in their wise decisionmaking process close the political threads at the end of every day and 2. i said i was not going back to that thread because i am very upset at the stupidity of the american people, especially those in kentucky.)

i have only 2 points.

1. 75% of the people of kentucky are scared, insecure homophobes. this is the first time in modern history that discriminatory legislation has been written into the kentucky constitution. i really REALLY hope that it, along with the 11 similar measures passed get struck down because those 11 measures are unconstitutional. the states are knowingly taking away rights that are given to two individuals that are committed to each other. to top it off by saying that it's "god's law" is laughable. not everyone believes in your god. if two committed individuals choose to get married, why not let them. you want to save the sanctity of marriage? stop 30 minute marriages. stop divorces. a homosexual person who desires to get married to another of the same gender is not going to destroy marriage any more than heterosexual people have done since time immimoria.

2. my thoughts on the presidential election can be summed up in 4 words: goodbye democracy, hello THEOCRACY.


because i am not going back to read any responses in this particular thread, i encouraged the people who wanted to respond to me directly to e-mail me. twice. you can do the same at jcarti01@louisville.edu or jcarti01@yahoo.com. i made the post above at 940 est (1340 utc). as of this writing, i have recieved no e-mails in a thread that picked up more than 20 responses since my response.