8-8-2004: riding the bus

i was an incredibly stupid and stubborn person a year and a half ago. it was during that time during my freshman year that i signed up for and took physics 298. for normal students that was advanced physics. for speed school students (as i was at the time) it was required. did the alarm bell go off when i scored a little more than my age at the time for the first of three tests, all of which would deterimine my final grade? nope. in fact it was false confidence and bravado that led me into a deeper problem which i may not recover from. because the drop date came after the second test which came after the halfway point, to get an accurate measure of whether or not i could make that up by some miraculous means ment that i had to stay in the class. oh, yeah i was a little better prepared with my calculator and my cheat sheet that i didn't have that first time around. you know what kind of boost in points those two tools gave me? a fucking 15 points. you can do the math: a sub 20 grade plus 15 more points than that sub 20 grade = no chance in hell of me passing that class. and that is exactly what happened. i failed that class with flying colors. for the first time in my life, i left a class with an F on my record next to a class. why tell that now when i left the engineering department a year later?

to get to this: that is a grade that cannot be changed because my current major does not require physics. that is going to be a heavy 4 hour zero that is currently weighing down my gpa. and because of that, i am on academic probation. i need to maintain a 2.7 for each following semester until my gpa crawls over the 2.5 mark. and it basically forced me to go from planning on having an actual vacation during the summer for the first time since graduating high school to taking summer "gpa enhancement" classes. to make things easier for my parents (who i am eternally sorry for putting them in that position for paying the full amount because of my stupidity of not dropping that damned physics class) i decided not to stay on campus during the summer. while it ment that i had to stay at home (not that i mind. i would rather stay at home) it ment that transportation was a problem. i have no vehicle to move myself and i have no drivers liscence. someone could drop me off in the mornings, no problem. but it ment that i had to find alternative ways to get home. my friend could have done it, but he had work at that time plus i didn't know his schedule. so that ment one thing. i had to take :shudder: PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.

you know how scary people are? one word to those of you who are looking to move yourself across town: please DO NOT take the bus. there are loads of people who use the public system who are just plain funny looking and don't seem to have the mental capacity to make it past the 9th grade. i even thought i saw a transsexual/transvestite in a wheelchair across from me one time. there was another where there was this one man who seemed to be pregnant with twins or something because it looked like he had eaten a small 6 year old child 10 minutes before. no amount of brain soap is not going to wash those images out of my mind.

it is also on one of those trips last thursday the 5th that i saw something entirely offensive and disgusting and this time it WASN'T on the bus itself. we were approaching one of the main transfer sites in the city where we passed by this private bus, this painted political promotion bus that had the basic message of outlawing same sex marraige and promoting "one man, one woman" that the damn bible (credit for calling it that goes to penn jillette of penn & teller fame) and gubner bush seem to advocate so much. i saw that and got angry. how dare someone come into someone's bedroom, someone's private area and say who they can or can't have CONSENTUAL sex with. really, whose business is it if the person someone fucks has a penis or a vagina, yours? mine? the government's? can you think of ONE REASON how a gay couple affects your life personally? i know two gay people. i work with them at my mcjob (another rant/commentary/whatever). they are good people. i know that they are gay, even though they haven't told me directly or indirectly. and you know what else? i could give a fuck if they fuck each other. they are not harming me in any way (mentally maybe picturing them going at it, but i figure that i'm a bit mentally unhealthy anyway so what's that gonna do). i am mature enough to realize that how people act in private is their business. i am also not nieve enough to realize that the majority of people in this country think the same way. do me a favor all of you. if you happen to come across a homosexual couple, please, resist the temptation to publicly scold them for holding hands. you are not bleeding. your rights are not being infringed. you may pray for them to whatever invisible sky man you choose if you wish. just leave them alone, okay?

i don't hate christians. i don't hate religion. i just hate the fundamentalists that populate your religion of choice, especially the christian fundies that i encounter most of the time. you know the ones i mean. these are the traveling evangelists, the preachers who fill up arenas the size of freedom hall twice over. these are the ones who have shows on "the best network" tbn, who have suits worth several thousand dollars while preaching about giving to "recieve the gifts of heaven". the idiots who have radio shows and radio programs. those uber fundy asses. if the christian conservitave fundies can pull their heads out of jebus christ's ass long enough to take a look around in the world we live in, they should realize that we are not all going to bow down, bend over and let them ass-rape us with all of the litanies in the damn bible that say that homosexuality is a sin. you know what else is a "sin"? working on sundays. that's right. if it weren't for the delinquent police officers "sinning" by working on sundays then we would really be up a shit creek. we wouldn't get any electricity to run on the things that our very essence "depends" on to live. people aren't normal. people are sick twisted hedonistic bastards who don't really give a fuck about how someone else feels. we aren't going back to a culture of being teetotaling, god fearing, sunday and wednsday church attending, conservatively dressing culture that looks down on the things that don't conform to that which is not deemed "innofensive". DEAL WITH IT!!!

the good gubner seems to think that to protect marraige, there needs to be a constitutional ammendment in the us constitution. the same constitution that explicitly states to not sponsor a state religion. the same constitution that the appointed gubner swore to protect in january of 2001. the same gubner that has openly stated that he uses his religous beliefs to govern what decisions that he makes for the country. the same country that states in its constitution not to have a state sanction religion.

am i missing something here?


i know that that is going to strike a few chords the wrong way. you know what, i don't care. YOU risked as much by coming here. think that i am a lost soul that needs jeebus in his life or do you absolutely agree with what i said? then by all means tell me. i am open to response. e-mail me at jcarti01@louisville.edu or jcarti01@yahoo.com. hopefully i may get some additions to the hate mail page.