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24 august 2004 - PH34R T3H 1337 HA><0RZ!!1 !!11

nice weekend i had. you know move in. get on the t1 goodness that is broadband speed. get shut down because a virus exists on the network. good times. anyway we (being dan and i) got the fix cd from our ra, ran everything required and all was good. we called into IT and let them know that we had done all required of us.

next day we get a call from an arrogant fat bastard (who was eating something at the time) who tells us in so many words that, no we have a virus on our computer and we need to rerun our antivirus program. this was before 11 am. i called IT before 12 and told them that we both ran the programs that we needed to and both turned up nothing. so we wait for net access.

and wait.

and wait.

finally, 9 HOURS LATER dan calls fat bastard back and basically owns his ass. he tells him essentialy that we have no virus and demand our in-tar-web back. he even goes to the administrator above fat bastard and lays down some verbal smack.

at around 9 am today i get on and find my net access is on. dan's is not. he calls IT again and wants to know why he hasn't been turned on. fat bastard says that his computer was scanned and definitelty has a virus. he was sent a PERSONALISED copy of norton's antivirus that was updated from august 20.

why lay down that backstory?

for this.


dan is pissed and understandably so. sympathise with him at unserfan11@aol.com. e-mail me at jcarti01@louisville.edu or jcarti01@yahoo.com.