4 february 2004- crapwagon apologist

(the following is an e-mail response to this article written by chapman rackaway)

Please forward this message to Mr. Rackaway's e-mail inbox because he hasn't the guts to put his own mail address on this latest piece of unproveable drivel.

Mr. Rackaway, you claim that the indy racing leauge (further known as the other leauge) has won the open wheel war because the other leauge (your words) "has taught us that open wheel racing is nothing without Indy. Even in the IRL's halting early days, it still had Indy. Long Beach and Road America combined aren't a fraction of Indy". If that were the case then why have:

A) the Indianapolis 500 ratings continued to plummet ever since the other leauge was founded and

B) scalpers who in the past got several times face value for tickets for the 500 can barely give them away and in some cases take a loss in what they could have made?

Both of those are proven facts. If Indy were so important then why have Pole Day and Bump Day crowds, which packed the stands and were once as important as the race itself, shrank so much so quickly? If Indy were so important then why don't people go buy tickets to the other leauges races without having to buy NASCAR tickets as well? If the series were so important why have ratings for the other leauge overall been so pathetic WHILE ON NATIONAL NETWORK AND CABLE TELEVISION?

CART and now OWRS will survive because the fans won't let it die. CART had nearly 2.2 million pass through the paddock to watch their series. With the exception of Road America, the races were either well or moderately attended. The same cannot be said of the other leauge. California, Nazareth, Homestead were jokes. As I said before, Indy was "horribly" attended. If not from the extra income from the Brickyard 400 and the soon-to-departing US Grand Prix do you honestly believe that the other leauge would still be in operation today? If there was a hostile takeover (it cannot be a merger because CART would not agree to be controlled by the other leauge) then open wheel racing in this country would cease to exist in a few years because no CART fan would have anything to do with the other leauge and the other leauge's fans would stop following because it would expose the true hypocracy that was George's "vision". And why was this leauge founded anyway?

It was founded to (from George's "Letter to the Star" http://www.indymotorspeedway.com/95letter.htm) "provide growth, stability and opportunity for open-wheel, oval track racing. That mission is certainly not intended to harm or control CART." His vision for his leauge was all-American, all-oval racing that was affordable to the owners. Now George plans to go road racing in the future as well after having a race in the great state of Japan and having half of his drivers come from the dirt track hotbeds of Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, Osaka, Wellington, etc. You cannot tell me that the other leauge has won by being founded to be everything opposite CART was in 1996 to being everything CART is in that same year. Mr. George has shown that if he is not incompetant, he is a horrible businessman by just about forcing his hardcore fanbase and team owners completely out of business by bringing in the high profile owners who are extremely indycentric and sponsors who don't care about the Indianapolis 500. Mr. George should spend less time with his hammer obviously trying to destroy CART and worry more about trying to get 30 cars (or 30 engines for that matter) for the embarrasing spectacle that is now the once proud Indianapolis 500.

OWRS should not die just because some greedy owners who cared more about business than racing left CART in a lurtch and we now have a series that I agree is a shadow of its former self. But that's not to say that it can't revive. One open wheel series is what is needed. But anything that is controlled by an egotistical track owner who feels that all open wheeled racing must have something to do with his track, and is completely oblivious to the fact that his series is more dangerous than CART is (that is a statistical fact. You are 448% more likely to be seriously injured in his leauge than in CART while CART runs more races) is something that I want nothing to do with. Both you and Mr. Gerorge need to realize that the racing world does not run through the formerly great structure 16th & Georgetown. CART has done so successfully for 9 years. I look forward to another 9 years and longer without having anything to do with Indianapolis.


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