8 may 2003- roommate


††††††††††† itís been awhile hasnít it?credit that to plain laziness. i have had nothing really to rant on, but now that it is moving time, something has come up.namely my roommate.


††††††††††† i know for an absolute fact that i am a difficult person to be around.i am an antisocial, i donít speak if i donít have anything to say and i am a complete mess.my area is about as clean as a mudpit.those are my faults but i keep them to myself.one would expect other people to have their faults as well and that is to be expected.my roommate (whose name i will withhold, he wasnít really that bad a guy) had some strange and annoying faults.


††††††††††† i had early morning classes (one at 8 and another at 9 and 9:30) so i try to get to bed fairly early, no later than 11 if i could help it.if i wasnít in bed before he came back (wherever he was) i am up until 12 in the morning easily.the reason: the bright florescent lights.it is not possible to attempt to try to get any sleep with those things on.and the kicker- he had a desklamp and a 6 ft tall lamp to use.never once did he ever on his own use one of those lights when he had to work late or decided to catch the late sportscenter. and speaking of such he seemed to think that the most important show in the morning is the 9 AM sportscenter and the next important was the 10 AM sportscenter, then the 11AM and so on.he even said in his aol instant messenger away messages that he had to watch sportscenter at least twice.once is enough.i can understand watching a replay a few times to catch the stuff missed earlier, but the whole show?


††††††††††† i also think that my roommate is afraid of the dark or something.i can tell if my roommate was in the room previously if the lights are on.he always has the lights on.even when it is bright and sunny outside.and the blinds are open.i like a dark room.thatís me personally.if somethingís there in the light it is certainly there in the dark.and i didnít have any books to read so there was no real reason for me to have the lights on unless i was looking for something, but if given the choice, i prefer natural light to the artificial one.he has on several occasions done both prompting me to sport my sunglasses inside.it gets especially bad during the late afternoon/early evening when the sun passes directly in my peripheral vision.


††††††††††† there was also another way to see if my roommate had recently left.he brought an office fan with him in the room that oscillated and had a breeze setting. my roommate had left the room if the lights were on and the fan was off if it had been on when i had left for class.later he also had the window open and the door open but the fan off because he said that the room smelled (prolly because of my clothes and my skittishness of the floor shower- long story) and the room needed some air circulation.circulation is fine.use the fan as well.the fan can move the air around and is much more efficient in doing so rather than waiting for a chance breeze to move the air.everytime he left the room and was the last person to leave, lights on fan off.the fan eventually locked up and burned out in the beginning of spring (i donít think from overuse.it could be rolling along, be turned off for a second and then not function for several minutes.it sounded like a belt that lost grip and then eventually got it back after a while) so the window always would be open.


††††††††††† that posed three problems to me at the time: 1) allergies, 2) insects 3) late night flights.problem 1 was taken care of with an investment in claritin after a week of suffering an unusually bad case this year.problems 2 and 3 are still ongoing.I have seen moths, ladybugs, flies, and gnats flying around and keeping the window closed at night (because my roommate usually comes in late at night) is a problem so me waking up to a late night arrival wasnít uncommon.my selection of stuff to overpower the noise was woefully underpowered and was forced to be lower in volume because I woke up sometimes two to three hours before my roommate did and my stuff ran through my computer (from my radio to my selection of audiobooks and collection of Art Bell shows).


††††††††††† during the day when i was listening to something, he sometimes had his stereo blasting literally.i keep my stuff relatively quiet, low to the point where i (and only i) can hear what i am playing.he would play whatever he called it at a level where it could be heard quite clearly 10-15 feet in the hallway with the door open (he liked the door open.people would come in without invitation or prior warnings and stay for several minutes talking with him).so to make sure i heard what i wanted to hear, i had to use my studio-style heavy headphones (very thick earpads.it blocked nearly everything out).one time his stuff was so loud i couldnít hear even with the headphones on and the volume at as loud a level as possible without distortion.he never turned his stereo down.and he never had headphones to listen to while he worked.that stuff gets real annoying real fast.


††††††††††† the thing i am upset with is the fact that when he gave our phone number out, people called constantly.he does have a cell phone.when they did call, most of the time they didnít leave messages.by the time december had rolled around, i had had about enough of being his secretary so i stopped taking messages.it didnít really matter by then as he came in after i had gone to bed and forced him to keep the lights, television and music off.and by that time those people had probably come to expect me on the other end of the line.he never bothered to give me his cell number so that i could relay it to whoever wanted him.that would have saved him the headache of me relaying the messages and me the headache of receiving them.


when i was in the room, and he did stuff (open the window, prop the door open, turn on the lights, turn off the fan) he then leaves and doesnít come back for several minutes.when he did, after five minutes i got up turned off the lights, closed the door, turned on the fan and close the window.occasionally I would get wrapped up in whatever and left things as they were until i realized he was gone and reset everything.him being gone nearly 20-30 minutes after he left was not uncommon. and when he came back, on go the lights and the window comes open.mind, it was in the middle of the day out with plenty of reading light.i can count on one hand the times when he came in to drop something off or to pick up something and leave when he did not touch the window and turned off the lights when he left.how very considerate.

i realized that living with someone else would be a difficult situation, not for me, but whoever stayed with me.i have always been sensitive to my roommates tendencies.i feel like who i will be moving in with this summer will be much more considerate (and compatible) to me.i just wish the one i spent my first year of college with was much more sensitive to mine.


i am open to response.e-mail me at jcarti01@louisville.edu or jcarti01@yahoo.com. hate mail summarily deleted.