21 april 2004

not much to talk about here, so here's a few quick hits in the sports world:

the second round of the playoffs are underway. here's my predictions. starting in the east (all ot losses are counted as losses):

1 tampa bay

7 montreal

(series tied 2-2)

tampa steamrolled the isles in their 4-1 series win, with khabibulin scoring 3 shutouts in the series winning 3 of the 4 games 3-0 and the fourth and deciding game in ot. montreal beat a hapless bruins team that got absolutely nothing from joe thornton who got a big, sugary krispy kreme donut in points the ENTIRE SEVEN GAMES. take away thornton and you got a shot. now les habitants must try to stop greased lightning martin st. louis. can they do it? my sources say no.

PREDICTION: TB in 5 or less

3 philadelphia (won series 3-1)

4 toronto

philly had a relatively easy time with jersey in their 4-1 series win. toronto had a rough time of it (until game 7) of their series with ottawa. right now i believe that both teams are even, but i have to give an edge to the flyers mainly because of their extended rest period and the short turnaround time from this series from the last.


in the west:

1 detroit (won series 3-1)

6 calgary

quick question: what's that sound? you hear it? neither do i. that's what's coming out of vancouver: SILENCE. to quote trollflamebait on the avs board: "The only thing that matters is that the canucks won the northwest division. thats because THE AVALANCHE SUCK!" how does that taste loser? tie the game with 5 seconds to go and CHOKE in the first moments of overtime to lose to the flames. you should have put this team away when you had the chance. talk to me when you win more than one division, otherwise sit down, shut up and drink your moosehead beer. now to the upcoming series. even though detroit got scared in 2 games, i don't think that this will be much of a series. calgary is good enough to steal a game in detroit and get one at home, but other than that it looks ooglay.


2 san jose

4 colorado (won series 2-1-1)

color me shocked. the avalanche actually showed HEART and DETERMINATION and DRIVE and all the other stuff that they should have showed the last 25 games of the season. which pisses me off. i have no idea which team is going to show up game to game on the road at least. colorado pounded dallas 13-4 at home, but that doesn't really say much. dallas wasn't much of a road team anyway. san jose won their series 4-1 against st. louis, but that really doesn't mean much. the blues weren't much to begin with completely blowing their wad just getting to the show. i personally am going to go with past history. the avs have never lost a postseason second round series and the sharks have never beaten the avs in the postseason. i'm banking on the good showing the avs showed all series long to pull them through.



i'm secretly hoping that the flames beat the DEAD wings. are you too? then by all means tell me. i am open to response.  e-mail me at jcarti01@louisville.edu or jcarti01@yahoo.com. hate mail summarily saved for your humiliation later.