9 december 2003- update



††††††††††† it has been quite a while since i spouted off on something hasnít it?so letís just go and start on a bunch of quick hit updates:



out of100.


this brings me to this major rant.there should be a distinction between sharing copyrighted material and sharing public domain.to my knowledge the OTR shows are public domain, as were the basketball games.was there other stuff i shared, yes (not songs) so if i got nabbed for that i wouldnít be complaining.but this was free over-the-radio recordings.are you telling me that it is perfectly legal to listen to stuff over the air, record stuff for my private use over the air but not share it if there is no disclaimer saying that it is illegal to disseminate such material?not fair i say.punish those that are actively sharing stuff that is blatantly illegal to do but donít bring the hammer down when there is a major grey area.



i am open to response.e-mail me at jcarti01@louisville.edu or jcarti01@yahoo.com. hate mail summarily deleted.