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my 303 teacher has as one of his requirements for class websites an updates page. while i did make note of what had changed, believe it or not i couldn't believe that i had never thought to list what i had changed. so here is the obligatory update page:

7 feb 2005

this page

website forum - i tried this before maybe a year ago with not much success; i screwed up the forum template to where it was a php error page everytime. maybe there will be some better luck this time around.

14 feb 2005
uploaded the first english assignemt required to be on the web: a list of sources related to my major

28 feb 2005
my reformatting of the declaration of independance

25 apr 2005
technology sucks. explorer crashed every time i clicked on a journal entry to put on the website. they're up now, minus one which was a casualty to the idiotic windoze. needless to say, i am not very happy.

12 oct 2005
it's been a while, eh? anyway to clear up from my last update made a very long time ago, i grudgingly updated xp to service pack 1 (for other reasons that i may get into later) and that problem cleared right up. today, i reaquaint myself with my site with some new links and an updated home page. content forthcoming if i feel up to it.